What is mindfulness?

What exactly is mindfulness? More and more often you hear and read about mindfulness or the English term Mindfulness. What exactly is behind it and how you can use it for yourself, you will learn in this article.


What exactly is mindfulness? More and more often you hear and read about mindfulness or the English term Mindfulness. What exactly is behind it and how you can use it for yourself, you will learn in this article.

Simply put, mindfulness describes a mental state. The state of mindfulness.

Mind what?

Imagine a moment in which you are completely in the present with your mind. In the here and now. No thought streams, no memories and no thoughts about the future. Your whole focus is in the present moment. In the NOW.

You may have already experienced such a moment of mindfulness. For most people, however, these are very rare. Thoughts are constantly circling, creating images of the past and projections of the future. Often it takes external stimuli to reach such a mental state. For example, top performances in sports or sudden dangerous situations silence the thoughts for a short moment.

Enjoy the moment you have now, because otherwise you have already missed it.

But the good news is that mindfulness can be learned. Below you will find our personal overview and the three steps for more mindfulness.

Mindfulness Meditation

Whoever deals with the topic of mindfulness will sooner or later come across meditation in this context. Meditation is one of many techniques to train mindfulness. Different meditation exercises help to focus on the present moment. The object is usually one's own breath or other bodily sensations.

Mindfulness Breath Meditation

Focusing on the rhythm of the breath has been a central part of meditation since the beginning. The following meditation shows you the basics of breath meditation. You can also find this and more content in our free app.

Mindfulness exercises

As we've already seen, it's the little things that make all the difference. The following exercises serve as inspiration for more mindfulness in everyday life. Take a break

Taking a break means having time. Time for yourself. Schedule fixed breaks into your daily routine. Daily pauses for short time-outs each day. For example 10 minutes for meditation in the evening or in the morning. But also longer breaks that are just for you reduce your stress and accompany you on your way to more mindfulness.


Coloring for adults has been very popular for years. The occupation with colors and forms has a relaxing effect and stimulates creativity. You can lose yourself completely in one thing and devote your attention solely to painting. Mindfulness Coloring Mandala

Positive affirmations

The use of positive affirmations can be very effective, especially when things are not going as desired. The power of these affirmations lies in the regularity of their application. Only in this way can they reach deep into the subconscious. Write down your personal affirmations on a sheet of paper and read them aloud in the morning and in the evening. To get an idea, you can listen to the free timeout "Positive Affirmations" in our app.

Mindfulness Training

We have forgotten how to be mindful. We are overwhelmed with information. To do this, we are constantly preoccupied in our minds with the past or fantasizing about the future.

Mindfulness is not difficult, we just need to remember to be mindful.

As simple as this quote may seem, it holds the key to mindfulness. Train your mindfulness by being mindful.

Mindfulness in everyday life

We are in our thoughts. From the first second in the morning when we open our eyes until the evening when we go back to sleep. Thoughts come go. Because of them, the present moment often fades into the background.

Mindfulness can be consciously integrated very well into everyday life. Try to keep your focus in the here and now during simple activities. When cutting a bulb or watering the flowers. Be completely in the moment. Mindful. Without distraction. Without thoughts.

Benefits of Mindfulness

If you've gotten this far, you may have wondered exactly what mindfulness does to the body. Mindfulness training and meditation has many positive effects on the mind and body. The following is an excerpt of positive effects.

Stress reduction

Regularly practiced mindfulness exercises help you to reduce your stress level. Stress reduction has a direct impact on your well-being and health. In which form you practice is up to you.

Improved concentration

Studies have shown that regular mindfulness practice improves the ability to concentrate.

Lower risk of depression

According to research, those who intensively engage with themselves, their thoughts and their environment have a lower risk of developing mental illnesses such as depression.

3 steps for more mindfulness

Mindfulness can be learned. To help you get started, we have summarized three simple steps for your everyday life.

Be more aware of the NOW

During the course of each day, become aware of the present moment again and again. Try to capture as many details as possible in this short time-out. Breathe in deeply - breathe out deeply.

Eat more consciously

Try to enjoy your food without distraction from now on. This already starts with the preparation. Take your time. Give up your smartphone or TV while you cook and eat your food. Try to keep your focus solely on your food.

Sounds and smells

Go out into nature regularly and focus on all the sounds and smells. The wind, the birds, the flowers, the leaves. You will be amazed at what you miss by being lost in thought.

Mindfulness App

In addition to the exercises already shown, guided time-outs are a great way to train your own mindfulness. In our free app, you will find numerous exercises, guided meditations and sound timeouts for more mindfulness, less stress and relaxed serenity. Conclusion

It's often the little things in life that bring you the greatest joys. A smile. Watching a sunset. The singing of birds on a spring morning. But only those who are mindful can enjoy these pleasures of life.

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