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Take your time out

Your life is to short for being stressed.
There’s a world of silence and relaxation just waiting for you. Join outa now for free!

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We are under pressure every day. Rushing from meeting to meeting, from project to project. Preferably, we want to manage everything at once and always be available in the meantime. Stress has become a constant companion during our daily life. Permanent stress makes you sick though. Allow yourself to take some time off.

  • Morning


    Motivation & Gratitude

  • Day


    Energy & Focus

  • Evening


    Calm & Relax

  • Night


    Sleep & Rest

Peace and relaxation for you

Taking a time-out for as little as a few minutes a day will help you to reduce stress, to sleep better, and to become more relaxed in the long run.

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  • Be Calm

    Guided meditations help you to become more composed and relaxed.

  • Reduce stress

    Practice tranquility and reduce your stress level with 10 minutes a day.

  • Sleep better

    Fall asleep faster and get a better night’s sleep.

  • Come to rest

    With unguided time-outs at your own pace.

  • Timeouts


    Short timeouts bring you through the day with new ease.

  • Melodies


    Magical world of sounds invite you to rest and relax.

  • Sleep Stories

    Sleep Stories

    Help you fall asleep faster and wake up more relaxed.

  • Masterclasses


    Courses on selected topics deepen your knowledge and accompany you in your exercises.

Little Big Bear

Little Big Bear

Like heart and mind, the little Bear and the big Bear are not always in harmony when it comes to dealing with life's challenges. On an adventure, their friendship is put to the test, and they must learn that great goals can only be achieved together.

For Kids

A loving meditation story for children. Get your free mindful adventure right into you inbox.

  • Jessica


    The time-outs fuel me with new energy for work, everyday life, and exercising.

  • Tobias


    With unguided time-outs at your own pace.

  • Ilka


    To take a 10-minute time-out has become an integral part of my daily routine.

  • Michael


    The breathing exercises help me switch off and calm down after a strenuous day.


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    Lars Natus


  • Julian Lindner

    Julian Lindner


  • Elaine Mortalla

    Elaine Mortalla

    Social Media

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    Marasy Phi


  • Nora Hanafi

    Nora Hanafi

    Content Management

  • Eduardo Valencia

    Eduardo Valencia


  • Martin Quiambao

    Martin Quiambao


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